M&S Announces Opening of Maternity Clinic

Marks & Spencer has announced it is establishing a healthcare department. The British retailer will open its first maternity clinic in London this September.

The clinic M&S Simply Babies will provide five-star treatments, free of charge, to women wanting that extra care when giving birth, with comfy beds and massage pods available on arrival.

M&S said the idea originated from observing how well they treat their cows on their dairy farms. A spokesperson told Veganise:

“We love our cows and want them to live long, healthy lives. We wanted to provide the same level of love and care to women and their babies.”

Inspired by M&S’s high standard practices on dairy farms, women will have their babies taken away from them a few days after giving birth. M&S claims it is a necessary step to maximise the harvest of the women’s breast milk. The milk will then be sold in their stores across the UK so the clinic can be profitable.

It remains unclear what will happen to the babies. Following M&S’s definition of a “long and healthy life” on their farms, we can assume the clinic will slaughter baby boys immediately or a few weeks after birth. The clinic will likely raise girls for their milk as soon as they are biologically ready to be artificially impregnated.

Marks & Spencer claims M&S Simply Babies will be the most ethical maternity clinic in the UK.

If you have concerns regarding M&S definitions of “love” and “long and healthy lives”, you can make your voice heard here:


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